Jim Kiles, Ceo: Jim is the founder of Ystrategies, driving investment, development and strategic support for technology platforms.  In this role, Jim helps start-ups validate markets, identify customers and build value in business. Jim is a member of the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Industrial Advisory Board and an Instructor for the Dept. of Energy's LabCorps program working with scientists from all 8 US National Labs in their efforts to commercialize intellectual property targeting energy efficiency and renewable energy. Jim is  the former Managing Director for Enabling Technology Investments at Intel Capital (1995-2001- Akamai (IPO), Williams Communications (IPO), Digital Island (IPO), Sightpath (Acquired-Cisco), Loudeye (IPO), Juno (IPO), iBeam (IPO-Acquired Williams), Convera (IPO); Investor and advisor to Angel Investors LLC (1998-2004- Ask Jeeves, Loudeye, Google); Investor & Executive (Eyetide Media- CEO 2003-2008, Living Networks- CEO 2008-2011, Visage Mobile VP Corp Dev 2011-2013, Cloudmark VP Strategy 2013, SAFE Managing Director 2011-2016, GroundControl Solutions 2015-2016). He holds a BA and JD from Syracuse University.   


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