Ystrategies (YSTR) is a publicly traded business development and venture capital firm launched in June 2016 by an experienced team of investment and business development executives. YSTR invests capital and expertise in early stage, advanced technology startups with disruptive intellectual property facing big markets, typically in software and clean technology sectors. 


YSTR invests in science & technology emerging from the US National Laboratory System (the “Labs”), incubators, businesses and academic institutions.  We look for market ready technology with products or services ready to engage identified customer segment partners in important commercial agreements.  Our investments are premised on closing strategic partner agreements as a path to valuable exits.


YSTR invests at the earliest possible stage, generally as a co-founder, after extensive commercialization training that also serves as advanced due diligence. This early involvement with prospective investments allows quality interaction with teams, technologies, strategy and customers. 





A key element of our commercialization process is aggressive interaction with prospective customers, confirming technology value propositions and commercialization hypotheses (customer segments, revenue streams, costs, channels, etc.). Opportunities positioned for YSTR investment achieve advanced engagement with major prospective customers and strategic partnerships where investment capital can rapidly accelerate business progress.


Once we have committed to an investment, additional YSTR capital is available for product development and strategic partner commitments, depending on progress.  

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